Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I like my chiropractor, do you?

Finding a good chiropractor isn't easy. Some of them are a little rough, some are too soft. What you are looking for is a chiropractor who can take care of your situation without hurting you, or making you come back too many times.

Integrated Spinal Solutions in Reno is a full service chiropractic clinic. They offer spinal decompression and traditional chiropractic therapy. They have two offices in Reno, and one in Round Mountain.

One of the doctor's at ISS is Dr. Wayne Cissell. Have you seen Dr. Cissell. Tell us what you think about your chiropractor below.

  • Dr. Wayne Cissell is a Reno Chiropractic Doctor
  • Dr. Wayne Cissell
    Doctor of Chiropractic - Reno, Nevada

    Dr. Wayne Cissell grew up in Kenai, AK. Early in high school he was inspired by his father to get an education and pursue his dream of helping people. In 2002, he graduated from the prestigious Palmer Chiropractic College.

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