Thursday, February 27, 2014

Reno Nevada Chiropractic Directory

Do you have a chiropractor? Do you know of any good ones practicing here in Reno, Nevada? If you do can you please add that doctors name and information to this blog? I am not a chiropractor, but I am a long time patient, so I know that there is a big difference between a good chiropractor and a bad one. 

I remember my wife told me of an experience she had with a Dr. Daisy in Ramona. She asked my wife to put on a gown (first red flag), she did, hesitatingly, and then the "Dr" asked if she could "take photos of my her" (second red flag). So at that point my wife said, "what the hell!, I thought you were a chiropractor? -- anyway she found another doctor, who adjusted my wife in time for our trip to Hawaii. -- Dr. Daisy wasn't a good one, I can say that for sure.

I had a wonderful husband and wife team of chiropractic doctors in South Florida, the Charneys. Very very talented. Anyway, that was Florida, and this blog is about Nevada, Reno in particular.

The purpose of this posting is to create a list of chiropractors that come highly recommended. If you have had a nightmare experience with your chiropractor, by all means you can post that here too.

In Reno there are a lot of really good chiropractors, mine included. I go to Integrated Spinal Solutions off Longley Lane. They have 7 doctors working within the practice, mine is Dr. Dan Welch. He also works in Round Mountain, Nevada just outside of Tonopah, Nevada every other Thursday, on Electra Blvd.

Dr. Xavier Martinez
Caughlin Ranch Chiropractor
Integrated Spinal has another office in Caughlin Ranch. Dr. Welch's partner, Dr. Xavier Martinez is available at this location. Dr. Martinez, a graduate of Palmer School of Chiropractic is now celebrating his 20 year as a doctor of chiropractic. I highly recommend both Dr. Welch and Dr. Martinez in Reno. 

So what do you think of your chiropractor. Add your post below. Please include as much info as you can, including photos, and links to videos, or anything you want to point to, as long as it's related to Reno Chiropractors.

If you are a Reno area chiropractor, please add your name to the new RENO CHIROPRACTIC DIRECTORY. It's free to add your clinic!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Healthy Foods You Need To Avoid

Dr. Dan Welch
Doctor of Chiropractic
You should know right off the bat, that not all health foods are "healthy". Especially today, a lot of companies are creating junk food and calling it "healthy". America has a fast food mentality, we want it cheap, and we want it now. We don't want to cook it, we just want it on the table when we get there. The result has been less than flattering. In the 1960's, the only fat people where in the circus, now look at us.

Now we all know about transfat, and saturated fat, companies are making Greek yogurt in every possible way, and there's nuts, tree nuts everywhere. Olive oil is becoming the choice, where lard and Crisco ruled just 20 years ago. So we are trying to eat better, go to the gym, or at least walking everyday, we hope to live longer, and happier, thanks to all the great healthy options out there. Well... not so fast.

YouTube has a video about the 10 Worst Healthy Foods, that I highly recommend, Healthy Foods to Avoid (Video time: 9:07)

Most of us at candidates for a heart attack, there, I've said it. What do we do to avoid a heart attack or stroke? The best thing is, eat right. I looked online for the best information possible for this topic, I found on WebMD an article entitled: "Heart Healthy Foods.."

Heart Healthy Foods

Can eating right cut your chances of getting breast cancer? ABC News has an article about this topic, here: Eat Healthy - Fight Breast Cancer

 USNews and World Report's Blog has a thing on how to encourage your preteens to choose healthy foods: Choosing Healthy Foods - US News

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So what does all this healthy eating have to do with chiropractic? Well, we are what we eat. If you eat garbage everyday for 20 years, and get out of shape, unable to bend over and touch your toes, that sort of thing.. you can expect other problems to happen to you, yes you will have high blood pressure, and high cholestrol, but aside from all that, you will be putting undue pressure on your spine, which causes you spine to pinch, etc. 

Eating healthy keeps your body fit, which helps keep your spine in shape so you can move, and walk, and run, and play!

Eat right, and keep your spine in shape with regular chiropractic visits. In Reno, please consider Integrated Spinal Solutions in Caughlin Ranch, South Reno, and now in Round Mountain, Nevada.

Learn more about chiropractic care and available chiropractors in Reno


Have you noticed a difference in your health since changing over to a healthy diet?

What is your favorite healthy recipe?

What do you do when craving junk food?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What causes low back pain?

A lot of patients come into our clinic suffering from what they call "a bad back". After careful examination, and possible x-ray, a chiropractor can relieve pressure placed on the spine in a number of ways, including a new procedure called "spinal decompression".
We searched online for information about "The Causes of Low Back Pain". On there is a lot of facts including photos, and slideshow, details about sciatica nerve pain, and what you can do to treat the pain. You can see those entries here:  low back pain

You can relieve a lot of back pain with simple stretches. One the web site DoctorYourself, I found a page on back pain, and stretches you can do at home. Check that out here: (Link: Stretches for your back) : stretches for your back

Time magazine published (4.25.2011) an article and video entitled, "Tips for treating your back pain. Time article: ( tips for treating back pain)

And WebMD has a feature entitled, "America Asks About Back Pain" - 12 Ways to Improve Back Pain", which I found to be very informative. In the article, Mary Ann Wilmarth, DPT, chief of physical therapy at Harvard University, says it it is critical that people address any back pain or injury right away. “Early intervention can help prevent a chronic problem from developing and obviate the need for medication and surgery."
You can see the entire article here: back pain tips

In you haven't heard about "Spinal Decompression" you are missing out on the most incredible advancement in the last 100 years of spine care. It is a pain free way to relieve tension on the spine. The doctors at Integrated Spinal Solutions in Reno offer traditional chiropractic care, and the newest spinal decompression technology available. Six or ten treatments can turn the clock back 20 years.

Some patients go from doubled over to playing sports in just a few treatments. If you still aren't sure if decompression works, look at what WebMD said about it: about spinal decompression

There is a nice video posted on YouTube that shows how decompression works. (Video time: 6:23)

Contact a qualified chiropractor today and tell them you heard about spinal decompression on the daily blog "Chiropractic Today".

Integrated Spinal Solutions

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775-829-8686 - South Reno on Longley Lane

Monday, February 24, 2014

Back Surgery Video Explains Surgical Procedures

Hey folks, I saw an article WZZM that talked about Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery , (Spinal Surgery Video Link). In the video a doctor Adam Kremer, MD, a Neurosurgeon from the Brain + Spine Center ( explained in detail the benefits of spinal surgery for low back pain.

If you thinking about spinal surgery we recommend watching this video.
One thing that wasn't highlighted was the fact that spinal surgery is a last ditch effort for patients. Before you consent to surgery, please consider spinal decompression or traditional spinal manipulation.

Integrated spinal solutions; a chiropractic clinic in Reno, offers spinal decompression at both their Caughlin Ranch location, and on the south side of Reno, on Longley Lane, one block off McCarren. They are very talented chiropractors, skilled in the latest treatment methods. Find out more at this web site address: Reno Chiropractic

And speaking of suffering from back pain, see what the Mayo Clinic has to say on the subject to back pain causes, and what you can do for relief:
Mayo Clinic on Back Pain

Mayo also offers a book called The Mayo Guide to Pain Relief, that talks about understanding, treating, and managing pain, we are not connected to this publication in any way, we just thought it was a good book, available at this location:
Mayo Clinic Book on Pain Relief

For more information about spinal surgery in Reno, please follow this Google link:

Or visit this Reno Nevada Surgery Center:


1) Have you had back surgery?
2) What was it for?
3) Tell us about your post-operative pain.

For more information about chiropractic treatment for back pain, contact Integrated Spinal Solutions in Reno. call 775-828-9665 or 775-829-8686

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Spinal Decompression for Low Back Pain

Today I want to talk to people who have "low back pain". Your days of suffering are over, thanks to an amazing new medical breakthrough in chiropractic care. It's called "Spinal Decompression". You might have seen a commercial late at night where a guy is selling a "Teeter Hangup". These are called "inversion tables". Believe it or not, these inversion table do help relieve compressed vertebrae. So all in all, these actually do help you relieve pressure on the lower back.

Spinal decompression is now helping people just like you end their low back pain. WebMD has an article posted about how spinal decompression can help you.

In that article WebMD writes, "Nonsurgical spinal decompression is a type of motorized traction that may help relieve back pain. (It) works by gently stretching the spine."

Spinal decompression is used to relieve bulging discs in the lumbar area of the spine.  During treatment you will be fitted with a specially designed harness system that works with the ABS device to reduce pressure on a damaged disc.
If you have low back pain we recommend a series of sessions which occur over a six week period.  You treatment will last approximately 30 minutes.  Is it painful? No. You are in pain right now. Most patients report absolutely no pain during a therapeutic decompression of the spine. 
If you need to see a chiropractor in Reno, Nevada, please consider INTEGRATED SPINAL SOLUTIONS, in CAUGHLIN RANCH, or LONGLEY LANE. 775-828-9665 or 775-829-8686


Have you had spinal decompression?

What did it do for you?

Would you recommend it to others?

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